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February 22, 2013 / lfmundy2002



My Prayer for Today

Emoji My Prayer for Today

Heavenly Father, as I glanced across an article concerning George Washington’s birthday, the article gave “5 Things about George Washington You didn’t know”. There was not one thing to tell about George Washington owned 155 slaves. Also during his administration, the writers of The Constitution also owned slaves. In this prayer, I am reminded of The Bill of Rights in this so-called Modern Era. Then I think about this country’s Congress that is willing to cut-back on jobs; food programs for hunger poor children; “wick” program that provides money and shelter for the poor; health care services for all people that cannot afford health insurance–some will die; increasing taxes on the poor while the rich folly in their luxury’s; cutting-back on the military–increasing the dangers that already exist against this country. Yet as always, those that have and is the cause of putting us (The USA) in this economic situation, not the current president, but his predecessors. As the nation is placed in dire-hard situations by its law makers because of the presidents skin color. Thus showing that “racial prejudices and hatred” is still as it was with the creation of this country’s democracy, but in a de-facto integration state. I pray Lord that this nation return to You or You will not answer their prayers, and destruction will follow from within. You also said Lord that, “the last will be first, and the first will be last”. Your Son taught us to “love our neighbors and enemies and to pray for those that di-spitefully use us”. You O Lord is no respecter of person, so why should certain people think that they are greater than their Master. Again, Jesus taught us that, “The servant is not greater than his Master”. So I conclude this prayer Lord, that we all COME to You through Your Son Jesus Christ that first, we shall be saved. Secondly, that we be “BORN AGAIN.” and lastly, that we “LOVE each other as Christ so love us. In Jesus’ precious name I submit my supplication and request to Yahweh. Amen. – Min. Lynwood F. Mundy

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