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December 24, 2013 / lfmundy2002

My Prayer for Today

My Prayer for Today

Rev. Lynwood F. Mundy Emoji
Father, I thank You for this day of Your creation and being in my right mind.
My eyes and ears were opened this morning, to deaths on the highways and city streets nearby;
Father, I pray for those families that will miss their loved ones this Christmas eve;

Give them strength to see their loved ones deaths that they may look toward heaven And You for their strength during this time of “home-goings.”

Bless us as we live to always be prepared, because we do not know when, where or How You will send the “death angle”  for our souls.

I pray that the people will see that it is not the giving of gifts, money and revelings That You incarnated Your Son Jesus–Immanuel to come in the flesh as a man without sin To die for the sins of all mankind.

So I pray that Christians that are drawn in by the cunningness of corporations in buying, giving gifts, and railings as a symbol of Jesus’ birth to behoove that they are worshiping Satan and not Jesus.

Christmas is a man festival and not a Scripture holy day of Jehovah.
Since you are celebrating the day, THENworship Immanuel for whom it was intended.

God wants Christians to STOP acting secular and COME BACK in TRUE REPENTANCE TO SERVE HIM.

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen. Emoji

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