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June 17, 2014 / lfmundy2002



Rev. Lynwood F. Mundy
Heavenly Father, thank You for Your blessings. Bless all of the peoples around this war torn and evil world.
You Created good, and for man to “care and watch over my [YHWH] creation”Many of Your animals, birds and fishes have been exterminated or killed for pleasure, or near extinction to where they have been put on the Endangered List. Even then, man continue to kill for pleasure or use chemicals to kill Your creatures, whereas he is to “protect” them.
Man and woman is also killing fetus’ whom are living human beings in what is called “Abortions”You told them [man and woman] to “multiply and replenish the earth”You commanded them to “marry”, but many chose cohabitation,  or as the new thing is: “my fiance” or my fiancee”, all without marrying and having children–“bastard children”.
Man needs to look around daily and see signs of the “End Time” fastly approachingYet man/woman continue to sin and deny You as God and Creator. But will believe in false prophet’s and prophetess’, false apostles male/female,“The Big Bang Theory”, or “Evolution Theory”, or “Re-Creation Theory” as well as other man-made theories and religions. There are men calling themselvesJesus whom have lead their flocks to mass suicides and damnation.
Man rather believe in what man says, rather than what You commands and your precepts. Churches and preachers have brought in secular–Satan’s people–into the church falsely worshiping–praying, dancing, mime, singing and even preaching, and calls it worship to You. Woe be unto those churches and preacher’s that do such things. Preachers refuse to help the poor congregants and outside people in need, but rather close the doors and windows to the outside world making the church a place of socialism, eating, reveling, segregation–those with-and-without, do-and-cannot do, or have places of being over, and having a place in the worship service. Buying ways with past and present relative(s) affluent to a certain position–Deacon, Finance, “Mother’s of the Church”, Ushers and even preaching. Preachers robbing the church with days in tribute to themselves and wives. Deacons and “Church Mothers” saying, “This is service to The Lord“!  YHWH detests those that do not teach, preach, and do helps to the poor, hungry and homeless. YHWH says, “Woe be to the preachers that mislead his people Many churches have become not temples of genuine worship to The Lord, but places of“will-show worship”. Meaning, it looks and sounds like it is true worship, but is false worship, and a stench in YHWH nostrils.
I pray that we come back to The Lord in genuine repentance and STOP playing with YHWHHe is not a God to be played with. Return to The Lord and read your Bible(s), pray and worship Him in all holiness. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


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